We offer a long list of available systems to choose from including plenty of entertainment options to convenient automation controls.

Services - Home Automation

Home Automation

Here at The Sound Resort, we have designed state-of-the-art home automation systems that allow you to control everything in your home with the touch of a button. Whether you desire to replace multiple remote controllers with a single elegant touch pad, or operate your home systems from any mobile digital device, we will turn your house in a sleek and modern work of art.

With the help of The Sound Resort, you can program multiple lifestyle scenario settings for your home system. If you are out of your house and realize you forgot to turn off a light, you can simply choose an “Away” setting on your mobile device that will remotely turn off all lights, music and TVs as well as adjust your HVAC settings as desired. Not only are you being environment friendly, but you are also cutting down monthly energy costs for your family.

However, that is not all that The Sound Resort’s home automation system can do. Access your home security camera feed, check for weather conditions and even adjust the volume on whichever sound systems all for a single control pad. You are truly the master of your own home.

Services - Whole House

Whole-House Audio & Video

Over the last several years, the demand has grown for centrally located systems that distribute both audio and video to rooms in your home or business. Listen to different music and watch different video sources from one easy-to-use system.We are well-equipped to offer multi-room audio/video designed to deliver crystal-clear audio and high-definition video throughout your home or office at an exceptional value.

Our systems allow our clients to spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated audio/video systems. An easy-to-operate user interface provides one-touch control over the entire system.

Services - Home Theaters

Custom Home Theaters

Movies, sports, and even video games are all brought to life with a custom home theater. Imagine a dedicated room in your home well equipped with a high resolution 4K projector, a screen size 2-3 times the average television, heartpounding 7.1 surround sound speakers, plush leather seating, and just the right lighting to set the mood. That room will become your entertainment oasis.

Whether you're building a new home and can work with our team to design the ultimate theater from the ground up or you have an existing home and a room that you see has the potential to get the ultimate makeover into that one-of-a-kind home theater, our team is the premier choice to create the home theater of your dreams.

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Services - Media Rooms

Family/Media Rooms

Every home should have a media room. Most have family rooms but that small flatscreen TV by itself just won't cut it if you're anyone serious about Sunday Football, has a favorite Netflix show, is an action movie nut, or if you want that emersive gaming experience.

We're here to turn that average family room into an exciting media room. We can help professionally install that new 4K TV above the fireplace, install clean flush mount in-wall speakers and even hide all the wiring and equipment in a near by closet using RF controls.

And nobody likes dealing with 5 different remotes. Ask us about our single-remote solution that eliminates that clutter and simplifies your media experience.

Services - CCTV

CCTV/IP Cameras

Maintain reliable oversight of your residential or commercial property with high-quality closed circuit and IP camera systems. Whether you’re home or away, an up-to-date surveillance system allows you the freedom to view and keep track of historical occurrences around your home or commercial property. Gain peace of mind with an CCTV/IP camera system and safeguard the security of your assets.

Services - Shades

Shade Control

At The Sound Resort, we believe that there is a shading control system that suits you and your lifestyle. Motorized shading control is the simplest method of taking control of your home and your environment. We are happy to consult on which shading solution will be the right one for your home. Not only is our shading beautifully designed and a visual asset to your décor, but it is an investment for your expensive furnishings as it prevents damage from harsh UV rays or from any other harsh weather conditions. We design motorized blinds, sunroofs and pergolas, to suit your tastes and your home and with the The Sound Resort guarantee of a perfect fit, what else could you be waiting for?

Services - Lighting

Lighting Control

Good lighting has been an essential part of home making since the dawn of time. Gone are the days of relying on camp fire for warmth and light.  Bring your home into the 21st century with The Sound Resort! We provide products that will literally light up your life!

Whether you are wanting accent lighting or general, indoor lighting or outdoor, The Sound Resort gives you the opportunity to have it all! The right lighting system saves you energy, money and stress; allowing you to control your entire house from the touch of a button! As experts in the field, we can promise to provide a service to you that will increase your enjoyment of your home and your life.

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