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Whether you like to let the sunshine in throughout your home to keep it warm and full of natural light or you prefer your home to be dark and cool, shade control is a great option that can be customized to your needs. At The Sound Resort, we can install a beautiful and functional shade system that meets all your home’s specifications. Never fiddle with broken blinds or blankets over the windows again. Taking control of your shading system is a simple way to enhance your home or vacation property features.

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We at The Sound Resort want to protect you and your home. Having motorized shade control can help prevent sun damage to your furniture and other home decors. Blackout shades can be very beneficial to you if you work on a rotating or third shift schedule, as the shade control will make it appear as night, so you can get the rest you need.

With our shade control options, you don’t need to give up the design appeal of your home. Our custom blinds and shade mechanisms are designed to look great in any style home and are completely customizable.

    Benefits of Motorized Shades
  • Save Money - Shade control can help lower utility costs as it is much easier to adjust the light intake in your home. Instead of turning on the heat, let the shades up on a sunny day. When it feels too hot outside, lower the blinds for some needed cooling action.
  • Security - One of the times a criminal will strike is when they believe a home or space to be unoccupied. When you have a home automation system you can control from your phone, you will be able to set your custom blinds on a timer, so it appears like you are home, preventing a burglar from striking.
  • If you are wanting to reap the benefits of custom blinds, sunroofs, and other shade control, call us in New Hampshire, today!

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